After creating your documents, you can now start to analyze your data and pinpoint qualitative insights. Open a specific document and begin with your analysis workflow.

Generating quotations, using codes, and adding comments across your documents plays a central role in your qualitative analysis process in ATLAS.ti Cloud. To create a quotation, highlight relevant text for your research topic in a document. After generating a quotation you can then apply codes to tag qualitative insights such as perspectives, attitudes, emotions, behaviors, and more that are connected to your research goals.

Additionally, you can write comments to reflect on a quotation. If a certain passage seems relevant to you, but you’re not sure which code to apply, begin with a comment and return to this quotation later.

Here are the steps you can take:

  1. Start reading and reviewing your documents
  2. Create quotations by highlighting interesting and relevant text
  3. Apply new or existing codes to each quotation (similar to tags)
  4. You can also write comments on every quotation

Unlike other products, with ATLAS.ti Cloud, you can create quotations for single words, sentences, or whole paragraphs. Applying codes and/or comments are optional and not mandatory. This open workflow offers you full flexibility and allows you to get more granular when needed.

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